Heart Day [2/14/17]

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Heart Day [2/14/17] Empty Heart Day [2/14/17]

Post by Elisebeth on Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:49 am

Around the sept, slid under office doors and in lockers/mail boxes are store-bought Disney valentines from Elsa.  [For those she has seen/met, they are labeled].  There are also plates of [literal] heart shaped sugar cookies and plain medium-rare meatballs for the lupus/carnivores.  There are also red, pink, and white flower arrangements scattered about the sept in vases with pink polka dotted ribbon around them as well as paper hearts on the windows made/cut from recycled newspapers and painted.  

((Elsa will seek help from any npc kinfolk on the sept to do this and also give them food/cookies/a card.  She is not on the sept after this is all set up.  Spending her resources for the month to make this happen with the flowers.))
[If anyone somehow knows where her office/condo are, they are also very much decorated.]

The  mess will be cleaned up by her at the end of the week.

Heart Day [2/14/17] Disney-valentine-cards_FDCOMHeart Day [2/14/17] 7301392d6f6bfef4fd3750ac0b7ada53

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Heart Day [2/14/17] Empty Re: Heart Day [2/14/17]

Post by Duncan O Hara on Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:26 pm

Duncan will Howl in Gleeful Joy and will start to sing his faborite song. As he recieved his Disney Valentine and dances around the room.

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