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Condo Description [Pin and Close if Possible] Empty Condo Description [Pin and Close if Possible]

Post by Elisebeth on Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:38 pm

For those that visit or know where Elisebeth's condo is, it is the Oregon district nestled in a little area of condominium homes.  There is a red 2000 Mazda Miata parked in front of it much of the time in the carport.  Her home seems to be slightly cluttered and have a 'lived in' feel.  

The wall in the livingroom has deer antlers and the pictures on the wall include the world tree, a snowflake/winter motif on another in black and white abstract style, and an oil painting of a beach in iceland.

There are houseplants through the house (which upon closer inspection turn out to be fake other than a bonzai in the kitchen).  

In the bathroom there is a litter box which is always clean, and in the livingroom is a sable colored french lop rabbit in a hutch the size of a small dog, which is let out except for when she is at work or sleeping.

In her kitchen, the fridge mostly has a small selection of craft beers, fancy cheese from whole foods and oranges.  The pantry contains ramen noodles and kraft mac n' cheese.  The freezer has one-shot meal lean cuisines.  

In her room, there is a picture with a younger version of her without the scar, a boy that looked almost like her but larger with braids in his long blonde hair, a brunette young man with multicolored scars on his body (from Rite of War), and a man with brown hair, a beard, and a crooked nose  in his middle ages with his arm wrapped around a smiling woman with crows feet that looked slightly similar to Elsa in many ways.  (If anybody looks behind the picture between it and the frame email me).  

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